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Global K-9 Detection Services is an independent company that works as a sub-contractor for pest companies, home owners etc.  

Global K-9 Detection Services is Hamilton based and services all of Southern Ontario.

Lique de Roode

My name is Lique de Roode, owner and operator of Global K-9 Detection Services. I started training dogs when I was 18 years old and I loved what I did. I trained KNPV (Royal Dutch Police Association) dogs for 15 years. I worked 7 dogs in KNPV and titled one in PH1 and 2 and in the BVD (security patrol dog) in Holland. I have sold dogs to police departments in the Netherlands and the U.S. I also spent 4 years in the Dutch Army and I was a K9 Handler/Trainer for 2 Dutch security companies. I have experience working K9 and security at many different events.
In 2003 I moved to Toronto, Canada, and started training dogs in Schutzhund where I titled 3 dogs in Schutzhund 1. Both those dogs have since been sold. I worked as an animal cruelty inspector for a humane society and I worked as an animal care working for an emergency vet clinic in Toronto.
I am a certified dog trainer and have trained over 100 different kinds of dogs throughout the years.

I am currently training dogs in scent detection, personal protection, PSA (sport) and cadaver. I have attended over 50 seminars with the most world class trainers in all disciplines of training from obedience, scent detection, different sports, etc. I have worked since 2011 as a certified bed bug inspector with bed bug detection dogs for 2 different companies and now operate my own business handling and training bed bug dogs.
We have our own training facility where the dogs ability to work gets tested on a daily basis to ensure accurate bed bug detection.


Serena Ivanovskis

My name is Serena Ivanovskis and I am a Trainer/Handler with Global K-9 Detection Services.

I was raised with my mom’s Irish Wolfhounds which she has now successfully bred for over 30 years. I entered into the obedience dog world at a very young age and have worked with many different breeds in all levels of obedience and agility. I have volunteered for several different rescue groups over the years and have conducted behavior modification training for many of the groups dogs. I have also worked in the private training industry doing behavior modification for clients.

My professional K9 career began approximately 15 years ago when I began working for a professional K9 trainer. I helped train/handle Arson and Drug detection dogs in many different environments. My career then expanded to the Toronto area where I was an Explosive Dog Trainer/Handler for a private security company for one of the first full time explosives detection dog programs in the city. I also assisted in training the companies Patrol Dog Handlers and their canine partners.

I am currently training dogs in detection, personal protection, PSA (sport) and cadaver.