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The most common way a facility discovers they have an infestation is from a guest/client complaint. The facility then contacts a Pest Control Company to inspect for an infestation and treats the area. Unfortunately, in situations like these the damage has already been done. This is a reactive approach to bed bug management which is a never-ending cycle and can lead to bad publicity, loss of revenue and even legal action.

Our canines are specifically trained to detect even a single bed bug in a room. With, monthly, bi- monthly or quarterly proactive inspections of your facility you can prevent client complaints. By finding infestations in the early stages you significantly reduce the time, labour and cost for remediation efforts.Dog Searching

Upon completion of every bed bug dog inspection, we will provide you with a written report on our finding which will document that you have made every effort possible to be proactive in ensuring your property is free of bed bugs and is of the highest standards.

Phase 1 – The bed bug dog(s) discreetly inspect rooms or areas of the facility on a regular basis to identify early/small infestations before the bed bugs have a chance to breed and spread.

Phase 2 – If an early onset of a bed bug infestation infestation is identified, it can then be quickly and easily treated by our pest control services with minimal disruption and cost.

Phase 3 – The bed bug dog returns to the treated area to confirm the treatment success.

To join our other property managers, tourism, hotels and healthcare facilities clients by implementing a proactive bed bug management program contact us today for details.